The Sunshine Award for Blogging.

A very big thank you to my peer, kcg1974, who blogs at, for nominating my blog for this most cheerful Sunshine Award.  

10 fun things about me— That’s a tough one.

– I love riding motorcycles.

– I love playing Tennis (and I overdo it)

– I travel, every chance I get. In college my friends never really asked if I would plan a travel with them. They automatically assumed it. 

– I love animals and work with Rescue organisations

– I stand up for animal rights and even turned Vegetarian two years ago. Its the best decision I ever made.

– I can recite the story and dialogues of the 3 hour long Movie Sholay word for word.

– I grew up in 4 different countries- each better than the last. Tanzania, India, UK, Algeria.


via What a Wonderful Sunny Day to Receive the “Sunshine Award!”.

6 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award for Blogging.

      • Oh, I’m up in the mid-west of, St. Louis. I have a sister in Austin and another in Dallas. I’m due for a visit to see them both sometime this summer. I’m hoping…But, I’m not very good at tennis. I just love to play! 🙂

  1. Niiiice. Awesome news that you got nominated. Your writing is certainly worthy of at least that award, and many more to follow. This I believe to be true.

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