Take my last defense- but give me some love in turn.

What makes a good bait dog? What makes a horrible person?

Snip20150624_1 Snip20150624_2

A good bait dog takes a beating but doesn’t fight back.

A horrible person makes money from someone’s miseries.

A good bait dog cowers and is an easy target. Is used on rape stands for breeding and the puppies are taken away.


A horrible person doesn’t sleep well at night.

A bait dog is defenseless when their teeth are ground down by a grinder so they won’t fight back and injure the prize dog.

thumb_IMG_1977_1024 thumb_IMG_1982_1024

A horrible human is an addict- to money, to lust, to drugs, to his power trip.

A bait dog gets injured, gets abandoned, gets dumped by a freeway.


A horrible person goes to jail.

But a bait dog still loves- still forgives, still is happy to be alive.

thumb_IMG_1984_1024 thumb_IMG_1985_1024

Please help this dog and show him that all humans are not horrible. That this poor mama has love in her future and even with ground down teeth it can have a good life.


This KARMA is not a Bitch- It’s a DOG


Meet ‘Karma’.

He’s THE classic example. ‘Do Good and Good things will happen to you’.

It’s the story of 2 dogs and how their worlds collide in total chaos. From the depth of despair rises hope that saves them both.

Karma- the grey and white Pit-bull had been found wandering the streets and picked up by an Animal Control Officer. One day while he was chomping down his food in his kennel at the shelter, the dog on the other side get’s through the handlers legs and into Karma’s kennel. They get into a fight and the trigger happy kennel staff labels Karma as an ‘Aggressive dog’.

So next day Karma is on the Euthanasia list. As he is being weighed the staff notices multiple puncture wounds on his neck. Per policy he is pulled off the list and sent to the clinic to be sutured.

Somewhere on the other side of town I pick up Foo-Foo fighter and his Mom (https://indersandhu.com/2015/06/11/ignorance-is-not-bliss-ignorance-is-impotence/) from extreme starvation and abuse.

Later that day the Vet is scrambling to find a donor to transfuse blood into Foo-Foo. Upon taking samples they find out that Karma is DEA 1.1 Negative- effectively a universal donor.

thumb_IMG_1786_1024 thumb_IMG_1862_1024

3 days later, Foo-Foo has had two transfusions and Karma has been sutured and is back on the Euthanasia list. When the staff is about to Euthanize him a note pops up on his records. Its a HOLD. The simple note reads- Do not PTS (put to sleep). He’s the donor baby who saved the cruelty-case dog.

So he gets another shot at life.

What surprised me is that in a shelter where scores of dogs are put to sleep every day, the shelter supervisor would use a word like ‘baby’ to describe a dog.

Today Karma went urgent again.

That’s when an angel named Tiffany asked me to get her a dog. I sent her 4 options ranging from an abused dog, a sweet puppy and a pretty eyed girl. Then I said to her I have another dog who is my favorite but he’s a black and white fully grown pit-bull and he has very little chance of being adopted.

Then I texted her Karma’s picture and waited- holding my breath.


I opened my eyes and read the text. OMG, Inder. I feel a connection with Karma. He’s the one I want.

I was sitting in front of Foo-Foo’s cage when she sent me that message. I kissed his head. “Your savior just got saved, Foo Foo.”

Foo-Foo waged his tail.

He saved Foo-Foo and saving Foo-Foo saved him.

Karma; nope, not a bitch. He’s a dog.


Very lovable.


Very handsome–


Now safe and forever happy.


Against the Tide

thumb_IMG_1744_1024Rains and floods mean more abandoned and inured animals for Animal Control. But the kitten I picked up today was not a regular rescue.

Flagged down by 2 young boys at a park- this is the scene I pulled up to. The kids were playing by the water when they saw a kitten being swept away. It tried desperately to fight the ominous current and swam its way to a semi-submerged tree. They pointed the branch where she was- begging me to ‘save the kitty.’


When I plucked the kitten from the branch and brought it to the truck- she looked exhausted. Cold and wet and a very faint heartbeat

DSCF3519 DSCF3523

When I laid her in the truck the kids kept on asking me ‘If she will make it?’

I had no clue. But I’f I keep calling CODE RED on every second injured animal I will be the butt of all jokes at the shelter.

DSCF3525 DSCF3526

“Six-O is 10-8 to the shelter with an injured kitten.” I released the button on my radio and then held it down again. “Code RED.”

In a matter of twenty minutes she Kitten had been blow dried- vaccinated, cleaned up, give some life-saving fluids and lay in an incubator with a hot-water bottle and a blanket to keep it warm.



Just saving one kitten makes the pain of losing several dogs and cats lessen. Tomorrow morning I will check on her and she will be fine. I will remind myself that I’m not a ‘cat-person’. I’m just PRO-LIFE .

Pro-ANIMAL life.

Ignorance is Impotence- Part2- RIGHTING THE WRONGS

The abused dogs have new names-

Mama dog is called -Athena


Puppy is called – Foo Foo Fighter (because he’s twice the fighter)


The following day, the Vet told me he was toying with the idea of humanely euthanizing the puppy, when I saw him sitting with the two dogs in the sun. His labored breathing and lack of energy caused the Vet to crease his fore head.

I couldn’t tell him what to do directly and challenge his medical opinion- but here’s what I could do; put a doubt in his mind. “We need him for the cruelty case and any evidence the court might need. Maybe he’ll be better in a day or after another blood transfusion.”

So next morning I approached his kennel gingerly; Hoping.

I closed my eyes and faced his kennel. Then I looked.

There he was- wrapped up in a blanket and an incubator light on him. I finally let out my breath.

thumb_IMG_1671_1024 thumb_IMG_1672_1024

Then the next day- and the next. There he was- alive, and a bit stronger each morning.

He ate some solid food.

The incubator was turned off.

Then he survived the weekend.


Today was the court hearing. I showed up in court with a thick folder of midnight oil burnt. Pictures, reports, expert opinion, sketches, layouts, interviews with neighbors. The whole nine yards.

It took the judge less than three minutes after going through my report to issue a warrant for the owners arrest.

The coward has sent his sister to the hearing. She stood in the witness box and claimed that she had found the the dogs as strays in emaciated condition.

“If I could draw your attention to exhibits 18, 23, 27 and 32.” I pointed with my laser pointer. “There is no sign of feces in the areas where these dogs were. For weeks they have been eating their own feces as the only means of nutrition. Exhibit 48 is an X-ray of their stomach.” I tried to force my bile down again pointing to an X-ray I’ve seen a thousand times in the past 4 days. “This dense grey mass is feces.”

The sister opened her mouth but no words came out. She slumped back into her chair.

Today when I came back to Foo Foo and Athena’s kennel I was smiling. “We got him Foo Foo. We got him. He will face justice.”

Foo Foo stood up and wagged his tail. I saw a new spark in his eye today. I took some pictures to prove it.


Maybe – just maybe. One day they will heal and know life like both of them deserved . Love and tenderness- safety and LOVE.

The Shaming of the Who ??

Snip20150616_17My faith in Humanity lies shattered today.

As I picked up a cat a woman had carefully wrapped in a towel, I asked her what was wrong with it?


She unwrapped a fold of the blue towel and showed me a gruesome look. A female cat’s abdomen was bleeding profusely.

My eyes asked her the question.

Tears ran down her cheeks and she pressed the bridge of her nose from keeping the rheumy fluid from dripping. She pointed to a round short man sitting on the porch on the house opposite hers. A beer in his hand and a cigarette dangled from his unshaven face. “Him.”

I raised my eyebrows.

She said something in an inaudible choking voice. I just caught one word from the the coughed out sentence. That word shook my world.

“Ma’am, did you say RAPE?”

Her hand covered her mouth and she nodded, pointing at him and wailing.

I braced myself against the wall. I would never cry in front of a citizen but today a few tears escaped my eyes.


Back at the shelter. I’ve apologized to this cat a million times already. I’m sorry for how absolutely VILE man can be. I am ashamed to be human today.


But what’s worse it that as the horrible man will continue to drink beer and celebrate watching the NBA finals on TV today; this cat has just been dispositioned as “EU” by the shelter supervisor.

Yes – EU due to MU. Euthanasia due to Medically Untreatable animal. But isn’t it us humans who are Medically Untreatable?

My veganism says- Hate the sin not the sinner. But State law says that unless there is a crime that can be proven- the perpetrator will go scot free.

You and me — we created that man. With our fears and our laws and our regulations and our mis-treatment of animals.

This cat is a victim to all our actions and inactions- and I’m in the process of punishing her for it?

Justice served.


Every time You Go Away – You Take a Piece of Me With You.


It never fails.

This is the set up.


You wake up one day and decide that the little puppy you got a few years ago is not so cute anymore. You don’t want it anymore. The barking bothers you, the Vet bills are too high, pet food is too expensive, you just got laid off from work, your new girlfriend is allergic to dogs, you are thinking about having children, you are moving, your dog just bit someone and its expensive to keep him.

(I’ve heard every reason in the book)

So you decide to give it up.

You bring him down to the city shelter.


This is the bell you ring.


This is where you tie your dog.


Then you kiss it and shed a tear or two (trust me you always do- because your tears wash away your guilt).


Then you leave. You return to your life.



The dog keeps wagging his tail and watching the door like a hawk.

He sits down and tries to do what he did when you called him a good boy.

Then he gets up and charges the door only to be yanked back by his leash.

Then he looks the other side by moves as far closer to the door as he can.


Then he sits down and stands up a few times.

Then his tail stops wagging.

Then his shoulders slump and he lowers his head.

Then he starts trembling- uncontrollably.

Then he gets evaluated and led to a kennel.


There he lies cowering in a corner afraid of a new place.

Then he goes to another dark kennel where other dogs bark incessantly.

Then in 72 hours, this is where he ends up- just when he was getting used to his new life and realizing that he’s been abandoned.


Then he ends up in a garbage bag here.


Meanwhile you are enjoying your next weekend, assuming your dog is living with a new family.

Please stop breeding/ Please stop surrendering. All shelters are full. The city requires us to take in all animals- but more surrenders lead to more Eutahnized animals.


Hiss Hiss- Click Click- But don’t BAT an eyelid.

Snip20150615_7A citizen reported a Bat in her yard today.

They carry rabies.

They have to be euthanized by law.

So I arrived on scene and was promptly shown the bat.


As I put a towel over the bat, the bat hissed at me. It was a strange reaction because they don’t see too well in the day and I was being very gentle.

Snip20150615_6As I put the bat in a metal container something fell off it. That’s when I saw the reason for the hiss. It was a mama bat protecting her babies.

Snip20150615_3 Snip20150615_4

It never fails. The love and protection of ANY mother for her child. No man in the world can ever understand it. We all just stand in awe of it.

So  I took a chance with the AWE that my supervisor must’ve felt when his wife held protected their child or when his mother fiercely stood between him and danger.

“Can’t we let them go. There’s been no exposure to any human?” I press my cellphone to my ear.

A loooooooooong pause on the other end of the line is followed by. “OK- here’s the deal. This NEVER happened. You NEVER saw this Bat”

My heart is about to explode with joy- but I keep my professional voice. “What Bat?”

He chuckles, “If you as much as bat an eyelid about this, I will deny knowledge of it.”

My eyelids wont bat or bowl or field.

Late last night I took these bats outside county line and into a park. They had been in the container for 14 hours. I had fed the littlest one twice with my tranquilizing syringe.


As I opened the lid and set them free- the mama bat started making clicking sounds.

I don’t speak Bat, but I know she was happy-

How do I know?

Of-course I googled it.

But before the three babies climbed out after their mama- they made very distinct clicking sounds too.

I think I know what ‘Thank you’ sounds in clicks now.

Deer Crossing ; Dweeb Uncrossing

Snip20150615_1“Madam, did you make a report about a deer hit by a car.”

An old woman peeks from behind the door. “Yes, Officer. There is a deer hit on this road every other day. This is the fifth one this week.”

“Well, after all we are building houses in the country and inhabiting their space.” I suppress a yawn.

“No, No officer. This is a busy county road intersection now. Maybe Animal Control should move that deer crossing sign to a less busy intersection.”

Did I hear her right? 

I tug on my earlobe. “Madam, did I hear you right? Did you ask me to move the sign?”

“Yes, if the deer cross where there aren’t too many cars, they won’t get hit.”

I spin on my heel and walk straight back to my truck. I really really really shouldn’t laugh at a citizens face- but just for this ONE TIME- can I?

Can We all Just Keep Our Heads??


What is the hardest thing you’ve done?

Witness cruelty?


Killed an innocent dog who thought you were taking him out to play?


Deal with a starving and abandoned dog, emaciated to the point of no return?


Just when you think you have seen the pits of what animal control and cruelty investigation has to throw at you- You get a simple order in an email.

Animal ID-234487822,

Type K-9.

Breed- American Pitbull Mix

Sex Male.

Pls decaptitate and take head to Greyhound station to be shipped to 321 Main Street,–


Your throat constricts. All the rabies prevention classes where you read that the only way to determine if a dog has rabies is to decapitate and ship his head to a lab just became a naked, ugly reality staring you in your face.

But- I—Me—We— Why—


You read again- but there it is- Clear as day D-E-C-A-P-I-T-A-T-E.


You go to your supervisor and ask why is it necessary to decapitate even after the dog has passed the necessary 10 day quarantine. Is it not enough that he was euthanized despite not having rabies.

In response he point to page 866-B in the state-laws code book.

When he asks you if you have the ability to do it. You say you’ve never done it before. So he asks you to witness it so that you can do it next time.

So you and another officer retrieve a black garbage bag from the freezer and lift the frozen over dog to the metal table.

Then you take a scalpel and circumscribe a cut around his neck. The semi-frozen blood oozes out and you step back from the table.

“Just hold him.” Says the other officer who has done this a hundred times. Then he proceeds to sever the muscle of his thick neck one by one.


You dig your nose into your shoulder and hold the dog from slipping off the stainless steel table. The open-sewer like stench urges your bile to throw up your lunch.

Then you see a spurt of blood. The jugular has just been severed.

As you beg your knees to not give way for 5 more minutes the other officer says, “We’re almost through. Lets yank the rest off.”

He digs his bloodied hands out of the dogs neck and tosses away the third blunt scalpel. I push on the dog’s torso while he uses the leverage to break off his head.

Sweat drips off my forehead despite the A/C blasting through the vents. I pray for more strength. 2 more minutes. Dear god, give me 2 more minutes.

When the head refuses to come off the officer starts twisting his head like a bottle cap to break it off. That’s when my will gives up. My mouth is now full of vomit. I rush out the door and fall to the curb- coughing up my lunch all over the pavement.

How much more is this job going to drain out of me?

What do I have that has not been taken yet?

I’m driving to the bus-station with an icebox on the front seat. I remove the lid and look into the dog’s glassy eyes staring back at me.

I pet his disconnected head.

I just have my love for the animals and my compassion left. And a promise to help as many as I can, to not meet a similar fate.


Rabies Prevention- Homeless Style


A homeless man was bitten by a dog today and was reported at a shelter. I had to rush to the hospital because once the man left the hospital it would be impossible to get a hold of him.

I was doing double the speed limit, worried that I might be late. When I showed up at the hospital the nurse pointed me to a man propped up against a wall

“Sir, can you show me where the dog bit you?” I asked.


“The dog, Sir. Where did it bite you?”

“I…You…Who are you, maaen?” He tried to focus his gaze on me.

“Animal Control.” I flashed my badge in his face but his eyes stared behind my head.

“I thought I was in a human hospital, maaaaen. Why there be animals here?”

I took a deep breath. “Sir.Were you bit by a dog today? All bites are reported to Animal Control by state law. It’s Rabies prevention.”

“Babies prevention? I always wear protection when I do them Ho’s.”

“R…Rabies. We get them from a dog-bite.” I showed him by bent fingers in a claw.

“Yes, Yes. The dog- Yes. The sucker got me good.” He thrust his arm in my face.


I stared at his red skin and squinted to find the hint of a puncture wound or a scratch.

“There is no wound here.”

“Don’t know. It must’ve healed.” He waved me off.

As I walked out the room, shaking my head over the 3 hours I’d never get back in my life, the nurse called me.

She pointed at a stash of about 6 coats on the rack. “He was wearing all those at one time. The dog did bit him- but it never got to his skin.”

Now that’s rabies prevention you can take to the bank.