Come on baby, LIGHT MY FIRE

Citizen: I need to surrender my dog to the city.
City Employee: What’s the reason for your return?
Citizen: She keeps trying to get away from the house. She’s jumping the fence.
Employee: Please fill out this form while I take the picture of the dog.


I walk in at this point and see a black female pit-bull tied to the abandoning-dog-hitch.
Me: Sir, what happened to this dog on her back?

thumb_IMG_2992_1024 thumb_IMG_2985_1024
Citizen: Uh ! Umm! I don’t know officer. Officer…Sanhu…is it?
Me: Sandhu. Sir this dog has third degree burns on her back. Maybe she won’t try to escape the yard if you stop lighting her on fire, you fuckwad,dimwit, nincompoop.

Citizen: Wait, maybe my wife knows more about those. Let me check with her.

As he backs towards the door he picks up the pace, spins on his heel and is out the door yelling at his wife to ‘start the car’ and ‘go go go’.
I’m not sure what out policy states regarding chasing cowardly citizens down the street, catching them and lighting them on fire.
But we’re never going to find out, are we?

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You’re AXED

I got a cruelty case today that made me question my belief in humanity. It made me question my constitution as someone who witnesses cruelty to animals every single day.

It made me want to ask all humans these basic questions;


If someone came at you with an axe, what would you do?

If someone did this to your face? What would you do?


DSCF4313 DSCF4320


If you were a dog, would you love humans still?

Would you respond kindly to their touch?



…and give kisses to the human cleaning your wounds?

What will it take for us humans to be more like animals?

To love completely?

To trust completely?

Will we always remain like this guy?


Or will we become….their voice?


So that the bad guy doesn’t win…


Dogs are Cowards.


“What is your first name?” The motel owner pointed to my name tag while playing with her dark yellow gold ear-ring.

“Inder. How long have the dogs been in the room, madam?” I jotted the details on my note-pad.

“I recognised your Kada. You’re a sikh.” She pointed at my iron bangle representing one of the 5 symbols of my religion.

I raised my eyebrows.

“5 days- he abandoned them 5 days ago.”

“Have you given them any water? Food?” I took down information of the renter.

“No sir, I’ve always been very scared of dogs. They bite.”

I thought to myself- so do most of us humans. They bite when they are scared or hurt. We bite because we like to play games.

“Our workers are very scared to even open the door.” She did the indian nod.

Gosh. Not a drop of water for 5 days and no food. I slid the card in the slot and entered the room. The brindle pitiful charged at me and then stopped.

Dogs are cowards.

Yes. Dogs are the biggest cowards in the world. They will achieve their goal using the minimum required force. They fake you out with their aggression and test its effect and then they wait. If you don’t flinch- they back off.


It never fails.

He recedes back on the bed where he has shredded newspapers, peed and pooped and made a royal mess. But its we, the humans who messed up their lives.

thumb_IMG_2873_1024 thumb_IMG_2876_1024

I sit on the chair and turn on the TV.

The dog stops barking. Thats when I see the other black dog cowering under a sink. He’s protecting her. He comes toward me, unsure but calm now.


The motel owner and his wife are staring wide-eyed through the window of the room.

I put some water in front of the dog. His tail starts wagging but he is unsure of drinking. I put water in front of the dog under the sink and she drinks right away. I caress her face. The brindle male starts drinking too.


In less than 5 minutes, I’m their new best friend. They are licking my face.

In the next ten minutes they are on my truck and when I take his picture he makes this absolutely angelic face which says. I didn’t do anything back there. It wasn’t me.


They are now at the shelter- in the same kennel. That’s the least I could do for them- to ensure they don’t feel even more abandoned; separated from each other.

So starts another vigil to find them a home- and this time hopefully together. The dogs don’t stop coming. The cruelty and abandonment and callousness never ceases to hurt my heart.

We humans are cowards too.

I was a coward for the longest time. Shutting my eyes to the plight of these animals.

I’m just trying my best to face up to the cruelty this world has inflicted on these animals now.

Just trying to NOT be a coward anymore.


Had a ball once- NOT HAVING A BALL NOW.


“I love a tennis ball- There; I said it.”

The soft fluorescent fuzz on the ball helps me grip it as I snap in in the air. The dirt and grime from weeks and the nastiest smells are all trapped within the short wiry hair on the surface.

A joy- A total–

“–What the heck? I just got trapped inside these tennis courts. Someone locked the gate and now I can’t get out. The other dogs always told me that my love for the tennis ball will get me in trouble one day. Uggggghhhh.”


The Animal Control Officer (ACO) in the blue uniform shows up and put me on the back of his truck. He pets my head and promises that I will be OK at the dog-pound. There’s my other fault- I am gullible. The animal control officer makes a verbal contract with me that I will be better off inside than as a stray.

I believe him. I always believe everybody- what can I say. I’m an animal.


Humans invented time. From that time they allocated some time for me. 72 Hours is what I was given. I have no idea how much time that it and how many times will the sun come out before my time runs out.

All I know is that I am inside a kennel, I don’t see the sun come out. All I see is the inside of a dark kennel and hear other dogs barking, begging to be let go all day. Then they give up when the humans leave.

Then one day when they lifted the partition between my kennel and the next one as they do while the humans clean, I met Tiki Tiki.

She told me she was abandoned and had a million fleas on her. The same ACO had picked her up and promised her a good life in a real home. She was scared of everything. She’d never known affection so I shared my love with her. I told her stories about humans who care, about tennis balls those bounce, about families who take their dogs on vacations. I consoled her till she trusted me.


Then one day they lifted the partition and there was another dog there.

Tiki was gone. My best friend.

My ONLY friend.


The ACO was true to his word. He found Tiki a home- but I was left alone- all by myself.

Now he visits me everyday and takes me for a walk- he promises me while petting my head that one day I will find a real home too. He calls me Ol’ blue eyes and has named me ‘Sinatra’.


As time goes on, I see other dogs come and go. I stay here and wait- I hold my end of the bargain I made with the ACO and be patient and a good boy.

He tells me he will post me on Facebook and somebody would wan’t me.

But I wait.

And I wait.

I’m holding my end of the contract I made with the ACO; will he hold his end up?

And maybe I can have a BALL OF A TIME too.


Bad to the Bone?


Neglect?- Of property? Of Animal?




Was this puppy in a dangerous situation?

That is a skull and pelvic bone of another dog

DSCF3397  thumb_IMG_2784_1024DSCF3366

A Puppy?

-It looks fat because its belly is bloated with round-worms.






Brought to shelter?


Did it get its first bath?

thumb_IMG_2830_1024 thumb_IMG_2828_1024

Did it get Spayed?

Is it ready for the BIG Adoption event?

Will it find a loving home?


Compassion fatigue??-  NOT YET.

SomeBunny Loves You


Four baby bunnies were learning about life. The warm sun, the fresh smell of the bugs and earth and the clear crisp air. Their mama had asked them to stay in their nest in a citizens yard.

But since when do kids listen to their mama? When the mama was away the baby bunnies stepped out of their nest; hopping away within a few feet of the nest, exploring , smelling, nibbling on the grass.

Along came a man with a big machine with a big blade, slicing the grass and spitting out the shards from the other end. A man in shorts pushed the lawn-mover from one corner of the yard to the other.


……….Then he saw the bunnies.


The next day I bent down by the empty nest squinting at the glob of red fur trying to make sense of what I was looking at. As I stepped back I saw more bits of the shredded baby. I removed my sunglasses and raised my eyebrows at the burly man.


“I got that sucker good, din’ I?” He high fived his next door neighbor. They guffawed and sipped their beer.

I couldn’t believe how many pieces he had shredded the baby rabbit into. Why, goddamnit why?

Snip20150804_3 Snip20150804_2

“These suckers are everywhere. I put out this other one in the empty nest so mama would come and get him- but she dern-near ran for her bloody life.” He toed another one by the fence.

This one had his body intact but his mouth lay open, parched. His lips yearning for that one drop of water that never came in the 100 degree Texas weather. He used a baby rabbit to bait it’s mama. My eyes well up with tears. A human beings ability to be cruel never ceases to amaze me.

thumb_IMG_2668_1024 thumb_IMG_2669_1024

So I gave him a few tickets for cruelty and filed a case against him. This case I am sure to lose in the court of law. He laughed as he signed the tickets (This is not an admission of guilt, sir… It’s just an acknowledgement… blah blah blah).

Did these ten day old bunnies have a life worth saving? Did they have a voice? In those tickets that are sure to be thrown out- they will have a voice. It might never be heard but it is worth listening to.

In their ten days in this world- their mama loved them. In becoming their voice I promise to love them.

SomeBunny loves them.