Sophie’s Choice


“Capture their spirit with your camera, Inder.” My Grandfather had a standard answer for why my pictures didn’t look as good as his, as he peered through his top drawer lens on his Rollie flex camera.

Thirty years later, here I am; prostrate in the grass of a Clear Lake, Texas home- waiting for the dog to show me her spirit. How do I capture her spirit , Grandpapa? The ten month old tan and white pit-bull lies on her back, limbs akimbo; silly as a tart, goofy as a ball of yarn. Her mud brown iris that encompasses her black pupil enlarges as she locks her gaze through the camera lens into my eyes.


Wait a minute; that is her spirit; a goofball.

A few months ago Sophie lived by the railroad tracks and a church in the Wayside area of Houston, Texas. A shattered front leg caused her to limp up and down the tracks but when Joel: a local factory worker showed her some love –she warmed up to him right away.

Joel and his colleague Danny brought her food and water and one day they took Sophie to a local Vet’s office. Such is the level of Sophie’s trust for humans that she willingly jumped into their car. Struggling to make ends meet themselves, Joel and Danny did what they could to get Sophie the help she needed.

The Vet was certain that Sophie would’ve been raised to breed bait dogs or a puppy mill mama when she was old enough, so he spayed her right away. He thought, when she had broke her leg (abuse or accident), she was promptly abandoned; discarded like garbage. Now she needed surgery to be a 100% healthy again.


But she already is a 100% dog and 200% a puppy. She’s playful, careless, energetic and often forgets that her leg hurts. After being rescued by S.A.V.E  rescue coalition, Angela placed her with a charming family of fosters. Here she thrives amongst two other dogs, two energetic young ladies and a loving couple. They frolic and play in the lawn all day- and when they are tired; they frolic some more. In a few short weeks she will get her surgery and fully recover from it.


That is Sophie’s spirit. Despite having to endure pain and cruelty, abandonment and starvation- she hasn’t forgotten how to remain a silly-goofy-puppy.

She’s a hand-me-down dog. A Sophie who wasn’t given a choice but her choice is very clear. She chooses love over hatred, a string of a sweatshirt over a dog-fight.

IMG_5383 IMG_5337

Anyone who allow themselves to be touched by Sophie’s soul will be a part of her loving choice. The question is – Do you choose Sophie to give you a chance at her life?


10 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice

  1. What a happy foster family…she brings them such joy. You’ve captured Sophie’s spirit beautifully; not just with pictures, but in your writing, too.

  2. What a beautiful tribute and you did capture her spirit! Thank you for bringing awareness to her story! I am the proud parent of an incredible pit bull mix that WAS used as a bait dog and WAS rescued by SAVE Rescue Coalition. Her foster mommy, Sarah, raised the necessary funds to have her injuries repaired (broken jaw among other things) and through her love of animals SHE repaired Annie’s broken spirit. Today, Annie is the light of our life and, like Sofie, has chosen love over hatred.

    • Shiela,
      Thank you for your kind words. Truly SAVE and Sarah do an amazing job. I would love to see some of Annie’s pictures.
      I’ve just started working with S.A.V.E and I’m amazed at how much hard and good work they do.

      • Inder,
        Sarah started a FB page for Annie when she was fostering her and I update occasionally. If you are on FB her page is Pistol Annie’s Page. Please visit her page…. I think you will be overwhelmed by the transformation. Sarah even did a video/photo slideshow of Annie’s journey and she put it to the song ROAR by Katy Perry. It still makes me cry when I see it! If you are not on FB let me know how I can post some pics of Annie for you. Be warned, you will fall in love!!

        I see a beautiful and rewarding partnership ahead between you and SAVE! Bless you!!!

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