Deer Crossing ; Dweeb Uncrossing

Snip20150615_1“Madam, did you make a report about a deer hit by a car.”

An old woman peeks from behind the door. “Yes, Officer. There is a deer hit on this road every other day. This is the fifth one this week.”

“Well, after all we are building houses in the country and inhabiting their space.” I suppress a yawn.

“No, No officer. This is a busy county road intersection now. Maybe Animal Control should move that deer crossing sign to a less busy intersection.”

Did I hear her right? 

I tug on my earlobe. “Madam, did I hear you right? Did you ask me to move the sign?”

“Yes, if the deer cross where there aren’t too many cars, they won’t get hit.”

I spin on my heel and walk straight back to my truck. I really really really shouldn’t laugh at a citizens face- but just for this ONE TIME- can I?

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