Take my last defense- but give me some love in turn.

What makes a good bait dog? What makes a horrible person?

Snip20150624_1 Snip20150624_2

A good bait dog takes a beating but doesn’t fight back.

A horrible person makes money from someone’s miseries.

A good bait dog cowers and is an easy target. Is used on rape stands for breeding and the puppies are taken away.


A horrible person doesn’t sleep well at night.

A bait dog is defenseless when their teeth are ground down by a grinder so they won’t fight back and injure the prize dog.

thumb_IMG_1977_1024 thumb_IMG_1982_1024

A horrible human is an addict- to money, to lust, to drugs, to his power trip.

A bait dog gets injured, gets abandoned, gets dumped by a freeway.


A horrible person goes to jail.

But a bait dog still loves- still forgives, still is happy to be alive.

thumb_IMG_1984_1024 thumb_IMG_1985_1024

Please help this dog and show him that all humans are not horrible. That this poor mama has love in her future and even with ground down teeth it can have a good life.


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