SomeBunny Loves You


Four baby bunnies were learning about life. The warm sun, the fresh smell of the bugs and earth and the clear crisp air. Their mama had asked them to stay in their nest in a citizens yard.

But since when do kids listen to their mama? When the mama was away the baby bunnies stepped out of their nest; hopping away within a few feet of the nest, exploring , smelling, nibbling on the grass.

Along came a man with a big machine with a big blade, slicing the grass and spitting out the shards from the other end. A man in shorts pushed the lawn-mover from one corner of the yard to the other.


……….Then he saw the bunnies.


The next day I bent down by the empty nest squinting at the glob of red fur trying to make sense of what I was looking at. As I stepped back I saw more bits of the shredded baby. I removed my sunglasses and raised my eyebrows at the burly man.


“I got that sucker good, din’ I?” He high fived his next door neighbor. They guffawed and sipped their beer.

I couldn’t believe how many pieces he had shredded the baby rabbit into. Why, goddamnit why?

Snip20150804_3 Snip20150804_2

“These suckers are everywhere. I put out this other one in the empty nest so mama would come and get him- but she dern-near ran for her bloody life.” He toed another one by the fence.

This one had his body intact but his mouth lay open, parched. His lips yearning for that one drop of water that never came in the 100 degree Texas weather. He used a baby rabbit to bait it’s mama. My eyes well up with tears. A human beings ability to be cruel never ceases to amaze me.

thumb_IMG_2668_1024 thumb_IMG_2669_1024

So I gave him a few tickets for cruelty and filed a case against him. This case I am sure to lose in the court of law. He laughed as he signed the tickets (This is not an admission of guilt, sir… It’s just an acknowledgement… blah blah blah).

Did these ten day old bunnies have a life worth saving? Did they have a voice? In those tickets that are sure to be thrown out- they will have a voice. It might never be heard but it is worth listening to.

In their ten days in this world- their mama loved them. In becoming their voice I promise to love them.

SomeBunny loves them.


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