The verdict of -GUILTY.


Innocent until proven guilty; That is what human law is based on.

It’s different for animals.

Why?; Because we said so.

I went to a woman house today that has been built on a lot in the woods. She has peach trees those are frequented by skunks.


Skunks eat, grasshoppers, beetles, frogs etc during spring and summer and fruits and vegetables in the winter. So this woman traps them in traps to save her peach tree and cats (from being sprayed).

Thats where I come in and enforce THE LAW.

All skunks must be euthanized anywhere they are seen or caught; be it babies or adults- that is it for them.


The reason? Skunks are rabies SUSPECTS. They can transmit Rabies so we can’t let them live.

So explain this to me again? We move in on their land, then we trap them in their natural habitat and then we kill them?


So I put my tranquilizer needle through the cage and the skunk uses the only defense mechanism it has.

It sprays.

Yes we all know its an offensive smell and it’s a skunk, but have you seen the fear in it’s eyes when it sees the syringe coming? When I introduce the syringe in the second time, it knows it’s out of the spray so it cowers into a corner and lets the syringe poke it.

It’s anal glands desperately eject the final drops of spray those aren’t even enough to make me recede.

DSCF4637 DSCF4639

The woman is carrying her grandson and telling him that the “Skunk has to go see Jesus”.

It stops me in my tracks. Really, woman? You’e going to cutify killing a skunk to your grandchild?

As I walk away I ask her not to trap animals in 100 degree weather and leave them out in the sun because if they die, I will write her a citation for cruelty to animals.

She is angry now and says that the law doesn’t make sense.

Really, woman. How would you like to be caught in a cage without food or water and bake in the sun till you die or survive long enough to be executed?


Then she speaks the most commonly spoken lie in the world. “I am an animal lover” she says.

At worst, It’s a dating line to attract the opposite sex. At best, it means that I love my pets. The rest of the animals can go take a hike.

That skunk and all other skunks and raccoons those are going to be trapped in the US today will all be presumed guilty.

There will be no trial, no defense; Just a verdict and an immediate punishment. DEATH BY LETHAL INJECTION.

Justice will die a slow death, though.

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