Where Have ALL the Old Strays Gone ?


The Indie dog is everywhere.

But you should challenge yourself to find an old indian stray dog.

They are young, they are omnipresent– and then they are gone.


Never have I seen an old indian stray dog.

The Indie dog is sharp as a tack, wily as a fox, confident as a politician, nimble as a trapeze artist, loyal to a fault, territorial as a landlord but always young.



Check their teeth; they are all under 2-3 years of age. If your city runs an ABC program or has an SPCA, take some statistics of their age and draw a bell curve.

Do they die young? Do they get shipped off for the Yulin festival? Its still a mystery to me.

The only sure thing is–

— POOF…they are gone.



2 thoughts on “Where Have ALL the Old Strays Gone ?

  1. i seriously see a lot of old dogs and feed them. they are usually the bosses of their own area no matter how beat up they are. i guess dogs respect their elders? there is one in hafeezpet, near RTO office kondapur. he had a fracture long time back i guess and it healed in a weird way. he is very very old, he cant chew properly, so i have to give him wet milk dipped bread. maybe you can make his last years better. i tried my best and i have two adopted dogs myself and on top of that i have moved from there.

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