This Holi- Play With my Favorite Color- I dare you !!


Green represents Islam, Saffron; Hindus & white is harmony. Is green or saffron on top. Is my flag upside down?

Blue is for boys, pink for girls, yellow for friendship and red for love.

Stereotyping is for a**holes.

I love Vibgyor; the flag that LGBTQs identify with because they live tolerance. The colours do not represent them, they represent the colours.


I don’t have to be gay to be represented by the flag. Anyone who stands for love, peace, kindness and tolerance is represented by it.

I’ll change my favourite colour now.

My favourite colour is Tolerance.


9 thoughts on “This Holi- Play With my Favorite Color- I dare you !!

  1. I find it quite odd that you continue to write about equality and kindness when in actuality you would be the most amazing blogger if you wrote about the things you’ve perfected. The art of lying and manipulation…now that’s a blog you could sink your teeth into! I really am dumbfounded and rather disgusted that you continue to keep up this facade. For more than 10 years you lied so well that I never guessed a thing. Now don’t get me wrong-I do pity you and even forgive your deviant ways-but your writing is a farce. The real truth hidden underneath all that fluff is as dark as your heart Inder Sandhu.

    • Aapko kaise bhool sakta hoon… from the speck in your eye to your words…. and ur ways…I remember them all…and nothing more than your hatred and anger and your vengeance …even if it undid everything u helped build. From your accusations and hypocrisy, from your spreading misinformation about me that you know is untrue. You are a life-lesson, Tina.

  2. The “truth “ is not something you are familiar with. You can keep writing your blogs and updating your tinder profiles and You can keep morphing your public self so that nobody sees the monster inside. But we both know the truth.

  3. You should choose your targets more carefully. The others, they are quiet. When you picked me you thought me weak. That was a mistake. The truth of who you are will be told. Trust me. I will no longer be silenced by your control and your anger.

  4. Thats what you’ve been doing for a year. Diss me in public and the NGO. You’ve cussed and divided and I hope its brought you some peace of mind. You’ve lost me and some of your own friends and gained something that only u can value. Nothing that you do or will do will alter my course. And just FYI- I knew everything, the entire time you were in India and after… EVERYTHING. I just choose not to behave like you have been.

  5. I found peace Inder, The moment I removed you from my life.
    You were persistent, I’ll give you that. But the day all the puzzle pieces came together I was free. That day I realized the depth of your deceptions, the covert narcissism and the efforts you went through to create the facade you live daily…. I felt deep pity for you. It has been 286 days since I cut you off and I have never regretted one second or one word I spoke about you. Not one.

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