Hiss Hiss- Click Click- But don’t BAT an eyelid.

Snip20150615_7A citizen reported a Bat in her yard today.

They carry rabies.

They have to be euthanized by law.

So I arrived on scene and was promptly shown the bat.


As I put a towel over the bat, the bat hissed at me. It was a strange reaction because they don’t see too well in the day and I was being very gentle.

Snip20150615_6As I put the bat in a metal container something fell off it. That’s when I saw the reason for the hiss. It was a mama bat protecting her babies.

Snip20150615_3 Snip20150615_4

It never fails. The love and protection of ANY mother for her child. No man in the world can ever understand it. We all just stand in awe of it.

So  I took a chance with the AWE that my supervisor must’ve felt when his wife held protected their child or when his mother fiercely stood between him and danger.

“Can’t we let them go. There’s been no exposure to any human?” I press my cellphone to my ear.

A loooooooooong pause on the other end of the line is followed by. “OK- here’s the deal. This NEVER happened. You NEVER saw this Bat”

My heart is about to explode with joy- but I keep my professional voice. “What Bat?”

He chuckles, “If you as much as bat an eyelid about this, I will deny knowledge of it.”

My eyelids wont bat or bowl or field.

Late last night I took these bats outside county line and into a park. They had been in the container for 14 hours. I had fed the littlest one twice with my tranquilizing syringe.


As I opened the lid and set them free- the mama bat started making clicking sounds.

I don’t speak Bat, but I know she was happy-

How do I know?

Of-course I googled it.

But before the three babies climbed out after their mama- they made very distinct clicking sounds too.

I think I know what ‘Thank you’ sounds in clicks now.