The Shaming of the Who ??

Snip20150616_17My faith in Humanity lies shattered today.

As I picked up a cat a woman had carefully wrapped in a towel, I asked her what was wrong with it?


She unwrapped a fold of the blue towel and showed me a gruesome look. A female cat’s abdomen was bleeding profusely.

My eyes asked her the question.

Tears ran down her cheeks and she pressed the bridge of her nose from keeping the rheumy fluid from dripping. She pointed to a round short man sitting on the porch on the house opposite hers. A beer in his hand and a cigarette dangled from his unshaven face. “Him.”

I raised my eyebrows.

She said something in an inaudible choking voice. I just caught one word from the the coughed out sentence. That word shook my world.

“Ma’am, did you say RAPE?”

Her hand covered her mouth and she nodded, pointing at him and wailing.

I braced myself against the wall. I would never cry in front of a citizen but today a few tears escaped my eyes.


Back at the shelter. I’ve apologized to this cat a million times already. I’m sorry for how absolutely VILE man can be. I am ashamed to be human today.


But what’s worse it that as the horrible man will continue to drink beer and celebrate watching the NBA finals on TV today; this cat has just been dispositioned as “EU” by the shelter supervisor.

Yes – EU due to MU. Euthanasia due to Medically Untreatable animal. But isn’t it us humans who are Medically Untreatable?

My veganism says- Hate the sin not the sinner. But State law says that unless there is a crime that can be proven- the perpetrator will go scot free.

You and me — we created that man. With our fears and our laws and our regulations and our mis-treatment of animals.

This cat is a victim to all our actions and inactions- and I’m in the process of punishing her for it?

Justice served.