“Look at me Cinnamon.” I held the ball in my hand.

            The rust colored puppy turned her head. Her left eye was fixed directly at the ball. The right eye stared into nothingness. I tossed the ball to my left hand. Her right eye focused on the ball. She didn’t even move her head. “Cinnamon, what’s the matter your eyes?” I made a small circle with the ball. Her right eyeball followed the ball. The other eyeball stayed put.

            I laughed out loud. “Cinnabonita, how damn lazy is your eye?”

            She lifted her paw and took a swipe at my face. 

            “Okay, Okay. Peace.” I hoisted her in the air. She squirmed. Her body contorted in one direction and then the other till she wiggled out of my hands. Every miniscule muscle in her thirty-pound body will soon be sinewy and firm. “I won’t be able to do wrestle with you once you’re an eighty pound powerhouse, Cinnabonita.” 

            Auunhhhh. She cocked her head.

            I held my arms up to form a triangle “And your head will be this shape, your jaw will be square.” I mock punched her tiny jowl. “You, my sweet girl, will be feared. You’ll be discriminated against. People will judge you without knowing you like I do.”

            Aooor. She lifted her paw and I high fived her. She did it again and kept it up till she lost balance and tipped over, falling into a clumsy pile of dopey puppy.

            She pranced around me. I took pictures but she wanted to play with the camera strap. I pushed her away repeatedly and she kept licking the camera. Finally she figured another game. She tugged on one end of the lace of my yellow shoes.

            “No Cinnamon. Bad girl.”

            She looked away but kept the lace in her mouth. Then she backed up, slowly.


            “Cinnamon, leggo’ my lace.”

            She jerked her head and backed up, got on her haunches and stared into my eyes; well at least one of her eyes did.

            “Okay, you naughty girl. Playtime is over. Back into the kennel”

            I picked her up and cradled her. She laid her head on my shoulder and enjoyed the ride back. Her soft, velvety skin tickled my ear.

            As soon as she got in the cage, she started whining like a baby.

            “It kills me to leave you in that cage too, Cinnamon. A cage is no place for a puppy, but all you get is twenty minutes of playtime a day at the shelter. Soon all the hard working volunteers here will find a good home for you where you’ll play all day.” I caressed the skin between her eyes across the cage.

            Aoooooor. Her whining followed me into the car, clear across the city and well into the night. Bring her home, Inder. I lay awake at night. Yeah, but how can you justify bringing Cinnamon home when Perry has been at the shelter for more than six months. It’s the classic struggle of every single one of us in rescue. How to turn down one dog and adopt another?

            Then the next week she undid my laces and the next and the next. It broke my heart each and every week to put her back into the cage and hear her whine.

            Then this past Sunday a new puppy was in her cage. My panicked mind searched the shelter for her. I finished my shift and came back home ready to shower off the mud the playful dogs had lathered on me.

            I placed my heel on the edge of the chair and started undoing my shoelace. It was too heavy. It wouldn’t budge.  I stumbled over to my laptop and typed an email to the volunteer co-ordinator.

          ‘I didn’t see Cinnabon in her cage today.’ I typed and retyped a few other sentences. Then I hit the send button and froze.


          One new mail. I clicked on it. “Yay…” It began. I didn’t need to read the rest. My heart and my mind were in a race. Everyone who has volunteered knows that feeling. The joy and the sorrow; missing a dog you love so dearly and feeling very happy for missing it, sending it all your love. The joy and the longing- we lead a blessed, sweet life.

         Fear not my fluttering heart- soon there will be another Cinnamon and then there will be another. Each of them will fill my life with more joy and more love for the next one.

        I love you, my lazy eyed Cinnabonita. That’s the color of love today; Cinnamon

        But just for today. Tomorrow it might be white or black… or brindle.


© Inderpal Sandhu and inderpalsandhu.wordpress.com, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Inderpal Sandhu and inderpalsandhu.wordpress.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


  1. I have been doing rescue work for over 10 years…every thing that you wrote…staying awake at night thinking about the dogs in cages, the panicky feeling when you don’t find one of your dogs in their cage…to the pure joy that fills your heart when you know that they finally found their home. My heart feels so full every day of my life. Sometimes it’s so full that tears spill inadvertently. The sadness we feel while they are caged is so closely linked to the joy we feel when they get adopted…its a huge emotion. Your story captured all of it. I loved it.

  2. People who volunteer are the best! You guys offer the love and your strength making up for everyone else’s shortcomings. I support a couple of charities with donations, which is Much easier to do than giving love and time. We salute you!

    • sarah,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes time is in short supply for everyone but the money is extremely important too. In my case volunteering every sunday used to be a bother at first- Now it’s the best part of my week. I get such a high from it…These dogs make my day everytime…
      Thank you for all you do as well. It;’s the people who shut their eyes or the ones those are cruel to these voiceless animals those we need to educate.
      The giraffee killing in Copenhagen last week sickens me no end. This is the civilised world and in a developed country?! What reactions are u getting from people in London about that incident?

      • I am mortified as well, when I first heard it I felt the news had to be wrong. The worst part is that there were alternate places for that giraffe to go!

      • Yeah…Tina and Sarah…mortified is the right word… sometimes I just wan’t to shake people…and then I realise that we need to teach them love…and then I think…what are the chances that these guys will learn….theyre just so…so…hardened..callous…unfeeling.

  3. Annarette…fostering is huge! Sometimes the key to an adoption is just getting them out if the shelter. In a matter of hours you can see the personality start to show…and now with social media… Pics and videos circulated give these kids a showcase. Thanks for fostering… And adopting. You are amazing. I am always a little surprised that each new foster becomes the love if my life.

  4. Beautifully written. The love and kindness you shared with Cinnabon and the other dogs is truly amazing. I am always inspired by all that you do to make their lives better.

  5. What a beautiful story and happy ending for Cinnabonita, thanks to all animal lovers, rescuers, foster moms & dads, and volunteers…

  6. Thanks to you all in rescue for giving this lovable, brown, velvety burrito of love a second chance. These are the posts that resonate with me most. .

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