The Nut Job


The joy of dog-sitting and learning the quirkiness of a new dog. Hank in this case a.k.a Hanky, a.k.a Hanky Panky a.k.a Da’ Hankster (you get the picture).
So Hanky has this quirk about taking whatever you feed him to his spot (on the carpet). He drops it out his mouth and then squats by it and eats it. He makes sure that his butt is facing you while he eats (a supremely greedy but shy eater, if there ever was one) Come what may; he does not eat in front of you. Yesterday I was eating some Cashew nuts. I gave him one. He took it , ran to his spot and did his routine. He was back in a flash, so I gave him another one. Then another and another.
It took him no time in figuring out that the constant back and forth trip wasn’t worth just one nut. So he stood there, dropped his shame,begged and ate right there. Greedy as always; just newly shameless.

13 thoughts on “The Nut Job

  1. Thx Paula,
    The pleasure is all mine.
    Ill make sure I pass your regards on to Hanky next time I see him. He already has a big head from all the “handsome” comments he gets and he uses his charms to mooch food…
    I saw your blog…and I love it.

  2. What a goofball…these idiosyncrasies of our animals make them who they are; entertaining us with their antics and making them even more lovable (if that is possible!)

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