I Wish I were a Cloud


I wish I were a cloud,
Floating in the sky up above.
I’d follow you wherever you’d go,
I’d protect you from the sun with my shadow.
And if I ever see you lonely down below,
I‘d come down in a raindrop on your hand-
And say ‘Hello’

7 thoughts on “I Wish I were a Cloud

    • Thx Kala…
      I wrote it as a love gimmick many many years ago…but now I relate it to Speed saying this to me everytime I think of him.
      Makes me feel sad for the gimmicks I’ve used in the past and horribly sorry for the trickery and hurt involved. I just hope my sincerity moving forward can reverse some of those things.

  1. Inder you can never reverse/erase the past. It’s only in the future that you can make the changes you deem necessary. You are certainly on the right path.

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