The Average Dane

It is possible to travel across the country, meet great old friends, make an awesome new friend and still; The highlight of a trip is- running your hand over a dog’s head. The ten seconds it takes is now more important than the rest of the trip combined.

A) What would it mean to the dog in question- The dog clearly met you for the first time today. She started by barking at your for entering her house, her domain. Then you touch her head and she quiets down. It’s like she has known you forever.

And will forever know you beyond this life and well into the next.

B) From the human’s perspective who has read that dog’s story from being a puppy to a bratty sister of a big Doberman umpteen times, that dog feels like your own. When the human runs her hand over her head she transmits all the love for the dog into her soul.
C) From the onlookers point of view who is watching someone pouring their prayers, love and a part of their very own being into your dog- Your entire being is eternally grateful for being a part of both the dog’s life and your friend’s life.


8 thoughts on “The Average Dane

    • I am so very sorry for your loss Anarette. It might just be the most difficult thing in the world for us to let those pure souls go, but know that I am sending you peace and love at this moment. I hope that your heart heals quickly.

  1. Anarette,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you’re honouring Sashia’s life mission of keeping you happy and in good spirits but staying happy in her memory and not saddened by her painful loss.
    That is the truest form of justice you can do to her life.
    Pls feel free to contact me if you feel any of my writing make your less more bearable.
    Warm regards

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