Preferential Treatment


Sarcoptic Mange is caused by the parasite Sacroptes Scabiei. While it can infect and grow in humans too- it prefers to grow in dogs.

The kind of preferential treatment they can absolutely do without.

Because we can help ourselves. They can’t.

We have sprays. They have neglect.

We have money they are destitute.

We control out destiny. They have been robbed of their destiny because we domesticate and breed them.

And this is what it does to a ‘once vibrant’ Great Dane. His legs are swollen to three times the normal size. His walk is so painful that he shuffles inch by inch. Standing up is so excruciating for him that he eats lying down.




In a world where shelters are overcrowded and animals  get put down for perceived aggression or a minor kennel cough, what chance does this poor neglected boy have?

Who was the human that let the neglect go this far. At what point do you stop and say- I think my dog needs help.

So what did this human do??

He abandoned this dog on the street in almost 100 degree blistering hot Texas sun. A skin so sensitive it cannot endure human touch was found lying on a burning hot pavement.

Now that is preferential cruelty.

The Average Dane

It is possible to travel across the country, meet great old friends, make an awesome new friend and still; The highlight of a trip is- running your hand over a dog’s head. The ten seconds it takes is now more important than the rest of the trip combined.

A) What would it mean to the dog in question- The dog clearly met you for the first time today. She started by barking at your for entering her house, her domain. Then you touch her head and she quiets down. It’s like she has known you forever.

And will forever know you beyond this life and well into the next.

B) From the human’s perspective who has read that dog’s story from being a puppy to a bratty sister of a big Doberman umpteen times, that dog feels like your own. When the human runs her hand over her head she transmits all the love for the dog into her soul.
C) From the onlookers point of view who is watching someone pouring their prayers, love and a part of their very own being into your dog- Your entire being is eternally grateful for being a part of both the dog’s life and your friend’s life.