The Dog in the Manger


Today I found a dog in a trash bin at a city construction site.


How did the dog get in there?


The dog looked at me with expectant eyes? Begging me to take her out of the trash bin.


She was happy to be out of the cold-wet-weather.


Happy to be back on the truck and back to the shelter.

She will be sad to lose her freedom.

But she’ll be safe, cared for and fed.


Now my job is to make sure that it’s just not for 72 hours (as promised) but to track her progress through the system and to a rescue or a foster or in the adoption kennels.

We have promised to fight for these dogs; Each and every one of them. My work just gets tripled with every dog I bring in- but that’s the goal. Our work is never over till each and every one of them that can be saved is saved.

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