Against the Tide

thumb_IMG_1744_1024Rains and floods mean more abandoned and inured animals for Animal Control. But the kitten I picked up today was not a regular rescue.

Flagged down by 2 young boys at a park- this is the scene I pulled up to. The kids were playing by the water when they saw a kitten being swept away. It tried desperately to fight the ominous current and swam its way to a semi-submerged tree. They pointed the branch where she was- begging me to ‘save the kitty.’


When I plucked the kitten from the branch and brought it to the truck- she looked exhausted. Cold and wet and a very faint heartbeat

DSCF3519 DSCF3523

When I laid her in the truck the kids kept on asking me ‘If she will make it?’

I had no clue. But I’f I keep calling CODE RED on every second injured animal I will be the butt of all jokes at the shelter.

DSCF3525 DSCF3526

“Six-O is 10-8 to the shelter with an injured kitten.” I released the button on my radio and then held it down again. “Code RED.”

In a matter of twenty minutes she Kitten had been blow dried- vaccinated, cleaned up, give some life-saving fluids and lay in an incubator with a hot-water bottle and a blanket to keep it warm.



Just saving one kitten makes the pain of losing several dogs and cats lessen. Tomorrow morning I will check on her and she will be fine. I will remind myself that I’m not a ‘cat-person’. I’m just PRO-LIFE .

Pro-ANIMAL life.

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