Ignorance is Impotence- Part2- RIGHTING THE WRONGS

The abused dogs have new names-

Mama dog is called -Athena


Puppy is called – Foo Foo Fighter (because he’s twice the fighter)


The following day, the Vet told me he was toying with the idea of humanely euthanizing the puppy, when I saw him sitting with the two dogs in the sun. His labored breathing and lack of energy caused the Vet to crease his fore head.

I couldn’t tell him what to do directly and challenge his medical opinion- but here’s what I could do; put a doubt in his mind. “We need him for the cruelty case and any evidence the court might need. Maybe he’ll be better in a day or after another blood transfusion.”

So next morning I approached his kennel gingerly; Hoping.

I closed my eyes and faced his kennel. Then I looked.

There he was- wrapped up in a blanket and an incubator light on him. I finally let out my breath.

thumb_IMG_1671_1024 thumb_IMG_1672_1024

Then the next day- and the next. There he was- alive, and a bit stronger each morning.

He ate some solid food.

The incubator was turned off.

Then he survived the weekend.


Today was the court hearing. I showed up in court with a thick folder of midnight oil burnt. Pictures, reports, expert opinion, sketches, layouts, interviews with neighbors. The whole nine yards.

It took the judge less than three minutes after going through my report to issue a warrant for the owners arrest.

The coward has sent his sister to the hearing. She stood in the witness box and claimed that she had found the the dogs as strays in emaciated condition.

“If I could draw your attention to exhibits 18, 23, 27 and 32.” I pointed with my laser pointer. “There is no sign of feces in the areas where these dogs were. For weeks they have been eating their own feces as the only means of nutrition. Exhibit 48 is an X-ray of their stomach.” I tried to force my bile down again pointing to an X-ray I’ve seen a thousand times in the past 4 days. “This dense grey mass is feces.”

The sister opened her mouth but no words came out. She slumped back into her chair.

Today when I came back to Foo Foo and Athena’s kennel I was smiling. “We got him Foo Foo. We got him. He will face justice.”

Foo Foo stood up and wagged his tail. I saw a new spark in his eye today. I took some pictures to prove it.


Maybe – just maybe. One day they will heal and know life like both of them deserved . Love and tenderness- safety and LOVE.

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