The Legend of the Blue Jay


If you’ve never seen  Blue-Jay up close, you’ve missed on a character so complex that it seems like J.J Audubon’s words “Who could imagine that a form so graceful arrayed by nature in a garb so resplendent, should harbor so much mischief.” aren’t adequate to define one.

-They mimic hawks to protect their families.

-They are intelligent and social birds who have a dulcet of a voice.

-The use their voices to alert other species of birds when predators approach.

-They are nest-robbers.


Nature in it’s bounty has given them a color so brilliant and markings so uniform and pretty that we have to stop and appreciate the artist who drew up these pretty birds.


Then one of them fell to the ground today.

Unable to fly; it flapped it’s wings in front of a citizens car and hopped up and down. It’s neck lolling from side to side.

As I showed up on the scene, I noticed a stick approximately 4 inches long and 2 cm in diameter sticking out of it’s anus. As I removed the stick with a lot of care the bird collapsed into my palm.

This poor bird couldn’t hold it’s head up. The weight of it’s head kept on knocking it off it’s feet.

thumb_DSCF4709_1024 thumb_DSCF4710_1024

The bird was in pain.

After making a few quick calls, I realized the only humane thing I could do was to put it out of it’s misery.


There was no human to be held responsible, no case to be filed.

Somebody just put a bird through extreme cruelty and there wasn’t a thing I could do.

Tonight a social birds family waits for their mother’s familiar call but she lies silent by my desk. Silenced by me, silenced by us; humans.

Nature keeps on doling it’s bounty on us and we keep on abusing it. We don’t realize that the Blue of a Blue-Jay is more precious than the Green of the Dollar.

We don’t deserve the song of the Blue-Jay or what nature offers us with open arms.


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